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Why Our Firm?
   There are many attorneys to choose from. What makes us different from other law firms? First, we take a "holistic" approach to handling your case. Since our firm represents clients in criminal and divorce matters in addition to immigration, we are especially qualified to protect your immigration interests even when they are effected by non-immigration matters. This is critically important for anyone who is not yet a US Citizen.

Here is a common situation:

   After coming to the United States, a foreign student meets and marries their spouse. They apply for permanent residence together and the student receives a green card that is only valid for two years. Unfortunately, during those two years, the couple has difficulties and eventually decide to file for divorce. What will happen to the green card? Is permanent residence abandoned? Is deportation the only choice?

   Not necessarily. With proper legal representation steps can be taken to protect your immigration status. In this situation, it is especially beneficial to be represented by an attorney who practices both immigration and divorce.

   Another common situation is where a permanent resident is arrested and charged with a criminal offense. This is a very dangerous situation for a non-citizen because, more and more, even minor offenses can result in deportation. In this case having an attorney experienced in both criminal defense and immigration will not only better safeguard your interests, it will also likely save you money over hiring two separate lawyers.

   Finally, I pride myself on handling all cases personally. I never give a file to a paralegal. I handle your case from start to finish so that you can be confident that your matter is receiving the full benefit of my experience.

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